1 - The Golden Rule

We treat everyone we interact with the way we would want to be treated. ( Actually we try to treat others better than we treat ourselves)

2 - Honesty

It is a shame we have to mention honesty, but in a world where the rule of thumb is "Buyer Beware", we would like anyone dealing with The Messengers International to be assured that we are motivated by fairness in our dealings, not greed.
Great Technology and “Real People” Service

Great Technology and “Real People” Service

The Messengers International uses modern tracking and dispatching software to give you the best and most convenient service available. Although we use technology in our dispatch and order taking departments, our phones are answered, usually under 1 ring, by “live” Customer Service Representatives. Our goal is to begin serving you once the phone rings and you will never hear voice mail!

Professional. Fast. Responsive.

Professional. Fast. Responsive.

No other courier company offers more variety and service levels in Canada.

  • Measurably and consistently the fastest time in Toronto's downtown core delivery
  • Complete City, Province, National Coverage
  • USA delivery as early as 8:30 am
  • International delivery service to over 220 countries

We do same day rush deliveries throughout the Greater Toronto Area as well as Next Flight out deliveries to all major cities in Canada. We do Direct Drive deliveries across Ontario and Quebec as well and beyond. We also do overnight deliveries to every country in the world. Truly a full service courier company